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Yuanhua traditional Chinese medicine hospital is located in Tunli Road, Xuchang City, the hometown of Sun Simiao, the famous cultural city of the Three Kingdoms, one of the three pharmaceutical capitals of China, the place where Hua Tuo, the divine doctor, practises medicine, and the hometown of Sun Simiao, the king of medicine. It has convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Relying on the 5A level Huatuo Culture Research Association, it has the right of Huatuo's portrait and trademark, as well as the "Huatuo came" trademark issued by the State Intellectual Property Administration. It gathers Chinese and Western medicine experts from well-known domestic hospitals, and adopts traditional medicine, natural medicine, special medicine, preventive medicine and rehabilitation medicine to formulate treatment and rehabilitation plans for the precise treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases. Huatuo Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine is a government approved Research Institute of intangible cultural heritage. It promotes the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, excavates and sorts out folk "strange, special and unique" recipes, and inherits Huatuo's medical ethics, doctrines, styles and techniques.
At present, there are 67 beds in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, including internal medicine, surgery, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation and nutrition. At the same time, it is also the national workstation of "prevention and treatment of disease". Internet medical equipment is in the leading position in China, with traditional Chinese medicine meridian detection equipment, multi-functional detection equipment, computer robot rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, etc. among them, the one-stop Internet medical detection equipment imported from Germany can be connected with 100 top three hospitals in China, and 3000 Chinese and Western medical experts can conduct online diagnosis and treatment at the same time.
At present, there are 6 medical staff with senior titles and 7 with intermediate titles in medical institutions. In addition to the routine diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently occurring diseases, we also carry out the treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases and chronic diseases, and carry out medical prevention and treatment for people with neck and shoulder pain, cardio cerebrovascular disease, cerebral thrombosis sequelae, etc. At the same time, the intangible cultural heritage of traditional Chinese medicine should be excavated and sorted out, combined with modern life science, to promote Huatuo culture and promote the health of the whole people.
Huatuo Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, Yuanhua Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, adheres to serving the people with high quality, exquisite technology and good medical ethics, and strives to build a medical institution with Chinese characteristics that the people are satisfied with.

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