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       Xuchang yuanhua biotechnology co., ltd. was established in October 2001, is located in xuchang, a famous cultural city in the three countries, which enjoys the name of ancient capital of han and wei dynasties.As one of the cradles of traditional Chinese medicine, xuchang has a long history.This is the hometown of sun simiao, the "medicine king", and it has a deep origin with hua tuo, the magic doctor in The Three Kingdoms period."Yuan hua" is the name of "magic doctor" hua tuo (hua tuo's name is hua fu, his character is yuan hua) in the last years of the eastern han dynasty.

       The company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of biotechnology products, a national key enterprise of high-tech agricultural industrialization, 50 high-growth high-tech enterprises in the province, provincial innovative enterprises, provincial enterprise technology center.The company has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad, and has a team of research experts with abundant talents and strong strength.The company has the international advanced production equipment and the brand-new GMP standard production workshop, the product has obtained the national many invention patents.

       Customer satisfaction is the relentless pursuit of yuanhua people!Advanced management concept, brand new management system, unique enterprise culture, excellent team spirit, is the guarantee of sustainable, healthy, rapid development of yuanhua.Health undertaking has a long way to go, yuanhua people will continue to surpass themselves in product research and development, management, marketing and other aspects, and make every effort to build China's "biological industrial aircraft carrier" with first-class equipment, first-class talents and first-class products.

      I. linolenic acid and calcium are not restricted to the population, and the product has a strong endorsement in clinical medicine at home and abroad.

      Ⅱ, calcium and linolenic acid can be experienced, and the audience can directly see the test and the results of the product.

      Ⅲ, calcium and linolenic acid products effective speed, significant effect, different from other nutritional food and health care products.(who knows who will use the product.

      Ⅳ. Calcium and linolenic acid products are international legislative products, and into the national 13th five-year plan and the national health and construction commission of the new era of health first promoted products.

      Ⅴ. Metamorphic organisms are the national standard formulation unit for calcium aspartic acid in tianmen.

      Vi. Yuanhua series products have cultural advantages, brand advantages, technical advantages and product advantages.

      Ⅶ. Yuanhua has strong leadership and competitiveness in the domestic industry in terms of the development of domestic fatty acid series products and the research and development technology of calcium series products.

      Ⅷ, yuanhua business development has been engaged in the planned economy, sales without a professional marketing team and marketing personnel, never external publicity, so unlimited business opportunities!

      Ⅸ. According to the life science theory, the research and development orientation: in terms of prevention and health care, the products produced are like salt, which cannot be rejected by human beings. At the same time, the product orientation is also the health food of the eternal marketing of nutritional supplements. Prevention is more than treatment.Remove the word "sub-health" from the word "sub-health".

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