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Enterprise culture

Yuan change idea

Heaven, a gentleman to self-improvement

Terrain kun, a gentleman to carry things



New ideas are big ideas

Send health keep integrity speak dedication



Kangtai people, blessing the human race

Mining the world of nature

Rest the natural body and mind of heaven and earth



Health starts here

Let sub-health remove the word "sub-"



Dedication to the best industry to serve the country and benefit mankind



Hand in hand with you to create a high quality of healthy life


Chinese yuan hua, is hua tuo!

The yuan of the world, is full of cattle!


Yuan hua group with genuine goods for true!

What people do in life, there is no extension of life more meaningful!


The craftsman spirit that yuan hua group builds 20 years!

Always do one thing, focus on life science health industry.


Yuan hua functional food who use who know!

People of kangtai, blessed people!Let sub-health remove the word "sub-".


Niu manjiang is one of the world's greatest biogurus!

Yuanhua group is the inheritor of niumanjiang traditional Chinese medicine culture and life science at home and abroad!


Niu manjiang is the initiator, advocate and successor of linolenic acid in the world!

Niu manjiang is the world's new generation of fully accessible chelating calcium founder, advocate, leader!

Yuanhua group is the national standard of calcium aspartate of tianmen!


Group objective: to protect health, escort for life!


The group aims to build a domestic health industry carrier!

He who has health has everything!


Xuchang is the capital of The Three Kingdoms.

It is the hometown of sun simiao and also the medicine capital of China!

Hua tuo's hometown in xuchang is a national cultural relic!

Hua tuo name hua fu name is yuan!


The group is named after the yuan!

Has the national key project!

Also has the hua tuo 5A level cultural research institute!


The group has the world life leader niumanjiang life science research institute!

Has applied for national special medical food!(linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid of the human body, which cannot be synthesized by the human body itself, and must be obtained from the plant gold in vitro, which has been legislated in foreign countries.)


World biological giant douniu manjiang foundation!

The world western medicine founder hua tuo portraiture rights group has!

Set up the hua tuo magic medicine museum!


Carry forward hua tuo Chinese medicine culture!

Form a world community of life!

Aiming at the difficult and miscellaneous diseases huatuo Chinese medicine research institute public welfare relief!


Group purpose:

Remember the interests of the motherland!

Want to be a patriotic name!


Heaven is a gentleman to self-improvement!

Terrain kun gentleman with thick cut!

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