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Worker's daily from nature to the world

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Development of Henan Yuanhua biotechnology company

From nature to the world

——Development of Henan Yuanhua biotechnology company

Rising Central Plains

——Yuanhua biology is famous at home and abroad

Henan Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of biotechnology products, a national key enterprise of high-tech agricultural industrialization, 20 key high-tech and high growth enterprises in Henan Province, a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, and a key enterprise in Xuchang city.

"Yuanhua" is Huatuo's brand name (Huatuo's original name is Huafu, Yuanhua), which takes Yuanhua as the name of the enterprise, and Huafu (Huatuo) as the registered trademark, aiming to pursue the achievements of the ancestors and promote the spirit of the predecessors.

Yuanhua company was founded in October 2001. After more than five years of efforts, Yuanhua company has grown from scratch, from small to large, developed rapidly, rose to the Central Plains and become famous at home and abroad.

——In the past five years, Yuanhua company has realized the transformation from production type to research type, from research and development type to trade type, from trade type to capital operation type;

——In the past five years, the personnel of Yuanhua company has grown from several to several hundred, the assets have grown from millions to hundreds of millions, and the products have grown from one or two to dozens

At present, Yuanhua company has international advanced fermentation equipment, polymer distillation equipment, CO2 supercritical extraction equipment, capsule production equipment and GMP standardized production workshop. The company's raw material planting base has passed the national GAP certification, and its products have all passed the QS national food safety certification, HACCP certification, FDA certification and ISO9001:2000 certification.

In June 2006, Xuchang Yuanhua Co., Ltd. established China Bio Food Co., Ltd. in Jersey, UK, in cooperation with Asia London fund. According to the enterprise integration and reorganization plan, China Bio Food Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Henan Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was established in July of that year. On September 7, 2006, China Bio Food Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on ofex, the third board market of the United Kingdom, with the stock code of cbfo. Yuanhua company became the first enterprise in Henan Province to open the door of the British stock market.

Rise to lead

——Great achievements in scientific and technological innovation

Since its establishment, the Biological Research Institute of Yuanhua company has completed a number of scientific research achievements, which provide a strong scientific and technological guarantee for the improvement of the scientific and technological content of the company's products. Among them, 6 achievements have obtained national patents, and 2 achievements have filled the gaps in China.

The raw material of linolenic acid with high purity of more than 90% has been produced by cryogenic separation technology of Yuan Hua company. It has been retrieved and checked by the Institute of information science of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The technology is high in content and low in cost. It has applied for national patent, patent number: 2117321.4, and the production technology and technology are the first in China. The production of linolenic acid oil is up to 90% by adopting the ultra low temperature airstream spray drying process. Linolenic acid powder content, production technology and technology are the first in China.

The essential oil of allicin developed by Yuanhua biology Co., Ltd. adopts the new technology of high molecular distillation and supercritical extraction. The analysis of Henan analysis and test center shows that the content of allicin is more than 90%. Another product deodorization garlic oil technology is also the first in China.

Using ganoderma spore powder as raw material, using the special high-strength ceramic ultra-fine particle low-temperature wall breaking technology, the wall breaking rate of ganoderma spore powder is 99%, and there is no heavy metal pollution in the process of wall breaking, which ensures the effective composition of ganoderma spore powder.

Derived from nature

——"Green" products are favored

The essence of Oriental and natural herbs is to collect the essence of Oriental Green Herbs, introduce advanced international processing equipment, combine China's traditional technology, and research and adopt new methods of producing Chinese and Western biological products.

Linolenic acid is one of the most important components of human tissue cells. It participates in the synthesis and metabolism of phospholipids in the body, and is converted into DHA and EPA. Because it can't be synthesized by itself in human body, it can only be ingested from outside, so linolenic acid is the necessary unsaturated fatty acid for human body, just like the salt that people ingest.

There is a general lack of linolenic acid in the diet of Chinese people, and the daily intake is far less than half of the recommended amount (one gram per day) of the World Health Organization. Experts from the medical and nutrition fields in China have called for national legislation and special supplement of linolenic acid. Experts from the national food and nutrition development strategy are actively making plans for large-scale promotion of linolenic acid.

For a long time, Yuanhua company has been committed to the research and development of high-quality and high-purity linolenic acid products, and actively promote the industrialization of linolenic acid products.

At present, Yuanhua company has an annual output of 1500 tons of linolenic acid stock solution and 500 tons of powder. It is one of the largest production bases of linolenic acid in China. Yuanhua linolenic acid series products are made of natural wild plants, refined and extracted with advanced international production equipment high molecular distillation and CO2 supercritical extraction technology. They are characterized by high content, complete varieties, excellent quality and 100% pure natural ingredients. They are class a products after retrieval by the literature and information center of Institute of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The spore powder of Ganoderma lucidum is the seed ejected from the later stage of development of Ganoderma lucidum. It is very difficult to collect the spore powder in the natural environment. Only about 1000 kg of log Ganoderma lucidum can collect 1 kg of spore powder. Each spore diameter is only 5-8 microns, but the nutrition is far more than that of the mother Ganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma lucidum planting base of Yuanhua company imitates the Ganoderma lucidum cultivated in wild and extracts spores from it

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