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Worker's Daily: iron shoulder shoulders moral responsibility and skillfully works on Huazhang: a documentary of the cooperation between niumanjiang, a famous Chinese American, and Yuanhua company

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Iron shoulder bears moral responsibility and skillfully works on Huazhang -- a record of the cooperation between niumanjiang, a famous Chinese American, and Yuanhua company

Iron shoulder, moral responsibility, wonderful hand, splendid chapter

——A documentary report on the cooperation between niumanjiang, a world famous Chinese scientist, and Xuchang Yuanhua biological company

This is an enterprise that stands for "be willing to contribute and stop doing the best".

This is an enterprise that is determined to "serve the country with industry and benefit the society".

This is an enterprise vowing to "Kangtai people, Ze and compatriots".

As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement.

Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Xuchang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan Province, the capital of Han and Wei dynasties. When entering Yuanhua company, the first thing we see is a huge motto: "a gentleman is always striving for self-improvement while a gentleman is always carrying things with great virtue.". Just looking at it, you can feel a kind of strong ethos, a kind of lofty courage and a kind of tough spirit of the enterprise.

The reason why we choose such a motto as our corporate philosophy is that Yuanhua people explain it as follows: the six classic is the first one in Chinese traditional culture, and the first one is the Yijing. The first sentence of the opening of the Yijing is "Heaven keeps healthy, and a gentleman keeps improving himself". From scratch, from small to large, we rely on such a belief to innovate and create brands.

In October 2001, Yuanhua company was founded with the aim of "developing biological industry and strengthening national physique". After unremitting efforts, from an unknown small enterprise to today's group of industrial companies. It can be imagined that Yuanhua people have gone through such a hard and arduous entrepreneurial process.

Today, Yuanhua company covers an area of 60 mu, with a building area of 35000 square meters. It has 240 employees, 52 professional and technical personnel, 16 scientific research experts and senior titles. The company also has a scientific research team with both moral integrity and ability, and a combination of the old, the middle-aged and the young. Six of them enjoy the special allowance of the State Council.

Yuanhua company was appraised as a high-tech enterprise by Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, and obtained the qualification of provincial key export-oriented enterprises, agricultural leading enterprises and 40 municipal key enterprises. Four products of the company have won national patents, two of which fill the domestic gap. The company attaches great importance to the combination of "production, learning and research", and cooperates with South China University of technology to establish a doctoral internship base. The company's main products are pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, health products. Since the product was put on the market, the sales volume has been increasing by 40% every year.

The company is developing rapidly, but Yuanhua people have no conceit and pride at all. They are looking further

Take a broad view and dare to lead the world

One mid summer day in 2005, Yuanhua people saw an exclusive interview with Professor Niu ManJiang, a famous biologist in the world, by CCTV Oriental time and space. Professor Niu ManJiang has devoted his whole life to the research of advanced biotechnology and made outstanding contributions to the development of life science. He has been received by Chinese leaders Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, etc. for many times.

In the interview, Professor Niu ManJiang mentioned that he has two high-end projects in the field of biology in the world - planting and deep processing technology of soybean protein corn and human albumin corn. Among them, soybean protein corn has obtained US patent. The research results are worth 3 billion yuan after being evaluated by authorities. A powerful foreign consortium wants to buy all the project results at one time. Niu ManJiang said seriously: China has 1.3 billion people, most of whom are farmers, and they are still not rich. I want to realize Premier Zhou Enlai's expectation for me and serve my scientific research achievements to the motherland.

In the interview, Niu Lao regretfully said that his patent belongs to the world's cutting-edge biotechnology, and many people in China are short-sighted about it, so no one in China has dared to take the lead in this patent so far, so it is not yet time to realize industrialization and produce ideal corn

This news attracted the high attention of the senior management of Yuanhua, and the five words "high tech corn" were deeply branded in their minds. To this end, they specifically went to the US Patent Website to have a detailed understanding of Professor Niu ManJiang and his patents:

This is an old man who is over ninety years old and has gone through many vicissitudes.

This is an old man who has been studying for ten years.

This is an old man who deeply cherishes the heart of a child and is determined to support his motherland.

Niu ManJiang was born in a small village in Boye County, Hebei Province in 1912. He studied hard and learned well since he was a child. When he was studying in Peking University, he got excellent results. In 1944, he went to the United States to study; in 1947, he obtained his doctor's degree; in 1962, he became a lifelong professor in the Department of biology of Temple University.

Professor Niu ManJiang has developed nine scientific and technological achievements in his whole life. He enjoys a high reputation in the world's scientific community and has been received by more than 80 heads of state or government. On the one hand, he carried out scientific and technological research and experiments, on the other hand, he tried to put his research and development achievements in China to produce economic benefits as soon as possible, benefit the people of the motherland, and enable the Chinese nation to realize the great rejuvenation that generations of people dream of.

Professor Niu ManJiang's patented technology increases the protein content of corn to 29%, four times that of ordinary corn, and can extract isoflavones, saponins, oligosaccharides, nucleic acids and concentrated proteins from this high-tech corn. After extraction, the protein content of the residual material is still 2 times of that of common corn, which can be used as high-quality feedstuff. The human albumin corn is rich in human albumin, insulin, auxin, anti interferon and other rare medical nutrients

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