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Guangming Daily: leaving precious wealth to the world

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Leave precious wealth to the world
——Professor Niu ManJiang, a famous American developmental biologist

Three days before Professor Niu ManJiang died, he left a brilliant smile on the earth. Wang Liping photo
At 2:40 a.m. on November 8, 2007, Professor Niu ManJiang, a famous international development biologist, American scholar, patriot, lifelong professor of Temple University and doctoral supervisor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, died of acute respiratory failure caused by high fever and pulmonary fungal infection. When obituaries were sent out, there were many messages of condolence at home and abroad. Niu ManJiang's former cooperative units and friends offered wreaths. People can't forget the scientist who made an important contribution to developmental biology.
"There are thousands of roads in the world where there is pain and joy. There is no regret and no regret left in the world." These are two words written by Wang Liping, a famous musician, to mourn Professor Niu ManJiang and accurately express his life.
The day before the end of his life, he was still working in the lab
October 31 is Professor Niu ManJiang's 95th birthday. In addition to hearing loss and leg pain, the professor has always been in good health, especially with clear thinking, strong logic in speaking, orderly scientific research and experiment, which left a deep impression on people.
Never thought of what kind of physical pain Professor Niu ManJiang, a "healthy" Professor, was suffering from at ordinary times. In the process of rescuing Professor Niu ManJiang, we learned that Professor Niu ManJiang had suffered from multiple myeloma, with water accumulation on both sides of the lungs, white blood cells only 1 / 5 of the healthy people, and his hemoglobin only 6 g, immune function decreased, heart, lung and kidney function rapidly failed. In this way, Professor Niu ManJiang, 95, was still working in the laboratory the day before the end of his life.
What spirit is supporting Professor Niu ManJiang? Before his death, Professor Niu ManJiang often recalled to people: "Premier Zhou has gone, Deng Xiaoping has gone, I promised them that things have not been finished, I can't go", "if the work is not completed, I will die in the laboratory and my job.". Professor Niu ManJiang comes to China to work for eight months every year. He works in the laboratory for more than ten hours every day and does not rest on Saturday and Sunday. Some people advised Professor Niu ManJiang not to work in the laboratory any more. The professor replied, "don't look at my age. It depends on whether I have a clear mind and rigorous thinking, and whether I can still do scientific research." "I promised Premier Zhou and Deng Xiaoping that their work had not been completed, and I could not stop and be responsible for my commitment."
Professor Niu ManJiang is a famous development biologist in the world since the 1950s. For half a century, he has been devoted to the research of "the unique function of RNA in development", thus creating a new idea of artificial cultivation of new species.
As early as 1953, Professor Niu ManJiang attracted attention in the field of developmental biology with a paper on the important role of mRNA in genetic development. In 1975, Professor Tatum, a famous geneticist in the world, cooperated with him to discover that plant mRNA changed the heritability. His research on the application of messenger RNA in agriculture was patented in the United States. Professor Niu ManJiang has published more than 80 academic papers in his life. He has twice won the Guggenheim prize and the Leary prize, and put forward the theory of exogene. It should be said that at first people didn't understand the foreign gene theory. It took time and process to establish a theory. In recent years, research work has found that the genetic function of RNA, especially the discovery that a lot of information in oocytes is transmitted by RNA. It has been proved that the outer gene mRNA is the genetic material in the cytoplasm of oocytes, which has the function of inducing the differentiation of different organ cells, and the character variation caused by the outer gene is inherited. In the scientific field of RNA function research, the outer gene is not only related to the origin of life, but also can It is widely used in the cultivation of excellent varieties of animals and plants.
Promoting academic exchanges between China and the United States, going through thousands of ways in the world
Professor Niu ManJiang has been employed as an honorary professor or consultant by more than 80 units in China. He has worked in China for 34 years. In order to promote academic exchanges between China and the United States and promote the development of domestic scientific research, his footprints are left everywhere in the motherland. He has gone through more than one thousand roads.
Professor Niu ManJiang has a deep love for the motherland. He has to attend the National Day reception every year. This year, when he received the invitation letter from Premier Wen Jiabao, he was very upset. For many years, the country has not forgotten him, and the people have not forgotten him. He was very excited. What impressed him most was that before the 2006 National Day, he received an invitation from the Ministry of foreign affairs of China to invite him to attend the reception held by the Ministry of foreign affairs for the first time. Deng Xiaoping left, Deng Xiaoping said "the Chinese people will not forget you" and "welcome you to work in China every year" are still there. Facing this situation, Professor Niu ManJiang was moved to tears and reminded him of more past events.
With the foresight and courage of scientists, Professor Niu ManJiang broke through the forbidden zone of no exchanges between Chinese and American scholars and opened up a way for scientific cooperation to improve Sino US relations. In particular, Professor Niu ManJiang and Professor Tong Dizhou, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and biologist, jointly studied animal embryo transfer and achieved success, which is of great significance in the field of developmental biology.
In order to establish a research base of developmental biology in China, he proposed and assisted the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish the Institute of developmental biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He raised millions of dollars from the Roche foundation and the United Nations. In addition to scientific research and lectures, Professor Niu ManJiang also presented some instruments and reagents to domestic scientific research institutions to introduce advanced biological science research technology into China.
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