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Big river: metabiology beating UK stock market

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Metabiology beating UK stock market
Source: Dahe Daily
Almost quietly, China Bio Food Co., Ltd., an affiliated holding company of Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuanhua Biology), has begun to knock on the British stock market.
In the afternoon of September 7, trading place: 0fex market in London (off exchange, stock exchange of unlisted companies); Stock Code: cbfo. The company's original shares are 7.14 million, with a listing price of £ 1.75 per share, a market value of about 200 million yuan and a financing of about 16 million yuan.
According to the plan, after a one-year cultivation period, it is expected to land in AIH (a1ternatj ve I nvestmentma rket), the main board market of London Stock Exchange, and open the wealth gate of Alibaba.
伦敦市长David Brewer先生、伦敦亚洲基金创始人Victor Ng先生与公司领导合影
Mr. David brewer, mayor of London, Mr. Victor ng, founder of London Asia Fund, and leaders of Yuanhua company
Into fog
From Xuchang to London, "what they (the British side) are looking at is our growth potential. They are looking at projects, the future and growth. They cultivate with funds first, and they will soon develop." According to reports, China biology was jointly initiated and established by London Asia Fund (LAC) and Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of £ 10 million, which was fully funded by London Asia Fund, accounting for. 37% of the shares. Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held 63% of the shares of intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, sales networks, etc. In June this year, China Bio established Henan Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Xuchang.
Such a means of operation paves the way for China Bio to move to the UK securities market.
The reporter learned that oeex market was founded on October 2, 1995, and is controlled and managed by London Asia Fund. The purpose is to establish a market for the company's shares that are not listed on the main board of London Stock Exchange or aim to sell their shares and raise funds.
Compared with the main board market of London Stock Exchange or aim, the market access threshold of ofex is lower, "providing equity financing services for small and medium-sized high growth enterprises". Xuchang Yuanhua biology Co., Ltd. was first established in 2003, invested 1 million yuan to build the plant, and now it has expanded to 60 million yuan of assets, with a very fast growth rate. The company is a high-tech industry within the 50 high growth key planning of Henan Province, mainly engaged in the extraction and processing of Chinese herbal medicine, soybean protein, deodorized allicin oil, and most of its products are exported.
Last year, Xuchang Yuanhua biology was "targeted" by them. "After several strict inspections, the two sides soon reached a consensus on cooperation and entered the listing procedure.". "One of the main aspects that we can be looked at is that the UK, the United States, Japan and other countries have legislated on plants. The high-purity linolenic acid we produce is an essential additive in food, and Henan is an important raw material supply base.".
Private equity "truth"
London Asia Fund is a private fund with a history of 10 years. Before 2004, the agency had always regarded the United States, Malaysia and other countries as its key markets. After that, Qingtong had a sharp turn and began to enter China on a large scale, "focusing on providing direct investment, financing and other financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Greater China region and other Asian regions".
No one will ignore the existence of this fund in China, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises with good growth and suffering from "capital thirst", among which Xuchang Yuanhua biology is naturally involved. The reporter learned that during the high-speed development period before its IPO, due to continuous projects, equipment purchase and scientific research, the fund was particularly tight. However, since its IPO, not only the funds raised by London Asia Fund and stock market gradually came, but also the local banking institutions of Xuchang also swarmed in.
This path choice of metazoans in Xuchang had "forerunner" in Xuchang. On March 9 this year, Henan Zhongpin Food Co., Ltd. announced that it had successfully raised funds in the United States.
Xuchang Yuanhua biology Co., Ltd. was once one of the listed companies designated by Henan Province to enter the guidance period. During the long waiting process, many domestic and foreign private funds and other investment banks came to the company, and the company also considered and compared the capital markets of various countries.
"I'm afraid that Yuanhua biology is not only an active choice, but also a necessity - in fact, many excellent small and medium-sized enterprises in Henan and even the whole country are faced with this dilemma of listing - and private placement is sometimes a shortcut." A professional of Minsheng securities told reporters.
The underdevelopment of venture capital or venture capital, the weakness of China's second board and gem capital market are gradually magnifying the embarrassment of small and medium-sized enterprises in China.
Favor the leading agricultural enterprise in Henan?
Shuanghui, Zhongpin, Hubin juice, missing, Yuanhua Biology For a period of time, Henan agricultural and sideline products deep processing enterprises have become the targets of foreign capital's M & A or investment. Moreover, based on the information from all parties, many food enterprises, such as Sanquan, Huaying poultry, Baixiang group, etc., have also set out the specific schedule for listing overseas.
"Deep processing of food or agricultural and sideline products is an advantageous industry in Henan Province. Now, the outstanding problem faced by the enterprises in this advantageous industry is how to integrate with the international market, including financing, technology, standards, management, market and even ideas." Xuchang municipal Party committee staff surnamed a child told reporters.
To some extent, Xuchang Yuanhua biology has realized its own "internationalization". It is understood that the company's high-purity linolenic acid, deodorized garlic oil, soybean corn protein and other products are aimed at the western developed international market.
"Industrialization, marketization and standardization of agriculture is a major issue. As our enterprise, it is not only the transformation of capital, concept and operation mode, the improvement and promotion of management system and team building, the information acquisition and vision opening of international market that we obtain when we go to the UK for listing and financing
The reporter learned that the London Asia Fund, which supports the listing of Yuanhua biology in the UK, has moved its Henan Office to Xuchang. As the next "beheading" action, they have targeted Xinyang tea and many other agricultural industries

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