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Macao legal journal: zilun linolenic acid: setting off a new trend of health in China

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Product inventor: Professor ManJiang, world bio Thai bull fighting

Professor Niu ManJiang is a lifelong professor of Temple University in the United States. He was once a professional member of the White House Nutrition Committee. He is the only world leader in biology who was received by 85 countries. He is the founder of life science and the only Chinese who awarded Deng Xiaoping a doctor of law degree at Temple University in the United States Scientist.

Professor Niu ManJiang and his wife are director of the center of Life Science Research Institute

Professor Niu ManJiang and his wife are director of the center of Life Science Research Institute

After returning to China, Professor Niu ManJiang and Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly established the life science research center, served as the director of niumanjiang and Yuanhua Life Science Research Center, and authorized Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. with the exclusive global authorization of his lifetime invention achievements.

Governments and health institutions all over the world strongly advocate that people supplement Omega linolenic acid. The World Health Organization has long recognized that linolenic acid is the best way to provide cell energy, delay aging and get rid of diseases! It is suggested that normal people should take 1000 mg of omega-3 linolenic acid every day. In 2003, the U.S. Department of health and nutrition, the American Heart Association: the daily intake of omega-3 in patients with coronary heart disease was 3 g. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that omega-3 linolenic acid reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, and daily intake is safe! Government of Canada: it is recommended that people aged 25-79 should take 1.5g of linolenic acid every day, especially emphasizing that polyunsaturated fatty acids are necessary nutrients for maintaining healthy and normal development! British Ministry of health: a standard for daily intake of linolenic acid has been established for members of the royal family.

Former President George Bush of the United States, 60 years old, blood pressure, heart indicators are all normal, there is no chronic disease in the elderly! His secret is to supplement omega-3 linolenic acid!

AP: the president's health care doctor has revealed the secret - he takes omega-3-linolenic acid every day to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease!

The secret of Prime Minister Blair's energy is directly related to his long-term use of omega-3-linolenic acid!

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been taking omega-3 linolenic acid! It's the secret of his energy in his busy life! The physical examination report shows that the blood vessels are healthy and the blood is unobstructed.

Latest news: the U.S. Department of Defense announced plans to give every soldier omega-3 linolenic acid in 2-3 years!

Following reports of the president's daily use of omega-3-linolenic acid, the Pentagon's U.S. Department of Defense announced in February 2010 that it plans to purchase large quantities of high-quality omega-3-linolenic acid within two to three years.

Since the 1980s, the U.S. government and NASA have added omega-3 linolenic acid, the latest scientific discovery at that time, into space food, which must be consumed every day. Omega-3 has already become a necessary supplement for astronauts!

Drop drop of linolenic acid

——Gas stations for human health in the 21st century

Comprehensive nutrition, comprehensive supplement and elimination of "sub health"

Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao reported on March 11, 2007:

Yuanhua biology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that is determined to "serve the country with industry and benefit the society". It is also an enterprise that vows to "Kangtai people and fuze people". The enterprise adheres to the legacy of the sages of Han and Wei dynasties, and is named and registered as "Shenyi" Huatuo brand (Huatuo is named Huafu, Yuanhua) It expresses the feelings of Yuanhua people to pursue and carry forward the spirit of their predecessors!

Omega-3, DHA, EPA, ALA and GLA are essential fatty acids for human body.

The research and development of zilun linolenic acid has successfully opened up a new situation of supplementing linolenic acid. At present, the health food on the market only contains α - linolenic acid, but does not contain γ - linolenic acid, which can not be supplemented at the same time, and its effect can not reach two-way regulation, Its effect is more than 3 times that of other linolenic acids, and it is well received by the old cadres of the party, government and army! The product has been reported by domestic and foreign media, and highly appraised by newspapers (such as Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, reader's Digest, Jinhua times, Yangzi Evening News, senior citizen's Digest, workers daily, science and technology daily, Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Dahe Daily, etc.)!

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