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Chinese talents: Yuanhua group, special action against epidemic

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The following text is excerpted from the 5th issue, March 6, 2020, news semimonthly Journal of China talents:
Article / reporter: Deng Lijun, LV Yuehua



The main body of Chinese talents

This magazine interviewed the chairman of Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the chairman of Henan Yuanhua Venture Capital Co., Ltd., the chairman of Xuchang YISHENGKANG biology Co., Ltd., the chairman of Xuchang Huatuo biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the project inheritor of the world biology taidouniu ManJiang life research center

Zhang Jianguo: industry for the people of Kangtai


Zhang Jianguo, chairman of Yuanhua group


Zhang Jianguo was born in Luancheng County, Hebei Province in March 1963. Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from Beijing Agricultural University with a master's degree in biology. Holding the titles of senior economist, senior nutritionist, registered consultant, European Union registered doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, etc. Currently, he is the chairman of Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Henan Yuanhua Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Xuchang YISHENGKANG biology Co., Ltd., Xuchang Huatuo biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the inheritor of the project of world biology taidouniu ManJiang life science research center. Served as member of the 5th, 6th and 7th CPPCC committees of Xuchang. President of Xuchang Huatuo Culture Research Association, President of Xuchang Huatuo traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, etc. In June 2001, it won the title of "natural medicine, outstanding talents" of the World Health Organization; in May 2003, the project of developing high-purity linolenic acid was awarded one hundred achievement awards of Henan Province; in August 2005, the research and development of linolenic acid powder won the first prize of progress in scientific and technological achievements; in October 2008, it participated in the formulation of national linolenic acid oil fatty acid standards; in June 2013, it participated in the formulation of national calcium aspartate standards In September 2019, he was named as "top 10 creative figures of China's good companies".


On September 8, 2019, the "2019 China good company Summit Forum and China Enterprise Leaders Summit" was held in Beijing with the theme of "patriotism, dedication, discipline and law-abiding, focus on quality and lead integrity". Zhang Jianguo, chairman of Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was selected as one of the "top ten craftsmen of China's good companies" as one of the initiators and advocates of linolenic acid in China and the makers of calcium aspartate standard in China. He has made outstanding achievements in the development potential, innovation ability and other aspects of the heavy honor certificate. He is actually a practitioner of "craftsman spirit" and "Chinese dream" in the new era, and an advanced model emerging in the development process of Chinese enterprises... "
Behind the "craftsman spirit", what kind of mental process does Zhang Jianguo have, relying on the "Chinese dream" system to release his personal dream? Under his leadership, what outstanding contributions did metabiology make in just 19 years and become "advanced model"? All this has to start from the beginning.
Carrying out the health dream: carrying forward the innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine
Xuchang is one of the birthplaces of traditional Chinese medicine, the hometown of Sun Simiao, the "king of medicine", and also the place where Hua Tuo, the "miracle doctor", practiced medicine and died. The culture of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. Hua Tuo, known as Hua Fu, is characterized by characters. Because of his comprehensive medical skills and excellent surgical skills, he is called "surgical holy hand" and "surgical ancestor" by later generations. Later generations praised the doctors who had extraordinary skills with "Hua Tuo" and "Yuanhua rebirth".

Exterior view of Yuanhua Group factory
October 23, 2001, with this historical and environmental advantage. Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established, taking "Yuanhua" as the name of the enterprise, taking "Huafu" as the trademark of the enterprise, inheriting Huatuo's medical style, ethics and model, and owning Huatuo's portrait right, trademark right and registration right. With the aim of "developing the biological industry and strengthening the national physique", it has taken a clear mission of "serving the country with industry and benefiting the society", and set foot on the road of carrying forward the spirit of the sages and inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture, especially the traditional Chinese medicine culture
At that time, Yuanhua biology was still an unknown small enterprise. Facing the vast market, it was bound to experience a hard and arduous entrepreneurial process. And a life-related business can only be supported by good technology and projects.
fulfill one's desire! In 2003, Professor Tai douniu ManJiang of the world life science was invited to Henan Province to participate in the activity, met with Comrade Li Keqiang, then Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and personally promised to put his life's scientific research achievements in Henan Province, chose a unit with the ambition to serve the country and technical strength to cooperate, and jointly promoted and transformed the life science industry projects into productivity.

Talk with Zhang Jianguo, the inheritor of the world bio Thai bull fighting


Professor Niu ManJiang is the world's top cytologist, Chinese dual nationality and dual academician, lifelong professor of Temple University in the United States, and the father of DHA, EPA and ALA linolenic acid in the world. He has been looking for a reliable team for the transformation of his research achievements in linolenic acid.
At the beginning of October 2005, Yuanhua biology group arrived in Beijing after a lot of introductions. At Professor Niu ManJiang's Hotel, the two sides saw the same thing at first sight. After several heart-to-heart exchanges, Mr. Niu said that Yuanhua company is the "strategic partner" he has been searching for: "there are not less than 100 companies talking with me about this project, including some famous domestic enterprises, but they just want to buy my patent. I don't want to do solid basic work and turn it into productivity. I want to transfer my technology exclusively to a conscientious doer like Yuanhua company. "
Professor Niu ManJiang accepted the appointment of Yuanhua group as the general technical consultant of Yuanhua group
Do what you say! On October 11, 2005, Professor Niu ManJiang solemnly signed the letter of authorization: "the authorizer has been abroad for more than 60 years, and his heart is always tied to the motherland. In order to realize Premier Zhou Enlai's and Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping's earnest expectations, after careful consideration, I hereby decide to dedicate the major scientific research achievements that have been studied for many years to the motherland so as to complete the high-tech life science, devote all my energy and expertise to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. For this reason, the authorizer solemnly decided to completely authorize his lifetime patented technology to Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is determined to "serve the country by industry". Through the company's comprehensive operation guided by the scientific outlook on development, niumanjiang life science has international competitiveness in China's health industry and set up a banner to promote the development of health industry. "
On October 25, Yuanhua Group signed a long-term cooperation agreement with niumanjiang studio of the Institute of development, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The invention patent achievements of the studio belong to Yuanhua group. So far, Zhang Jianguo as Professor Niu ManJiang "let people live more than 30 years is not a dream" precious wealth inheritor, Yuanhua group as the inheritor of Niu MANJIANG Life Science Research Center, embarked on a new journey!

Niumanjiang Life Science Research Center


Adhering to the belief of Professor Niu ManJiang that "it's more meaningful to do nothing to continue human life", Yuanhua group, relying on its 600000 Mu raw material planting base of perilla and 3600 tons of linolenic acid oil annually, has launched a series of high-quality linolenic acid raw materials such as linolenic acid oil, linolenic acid powder, linolenic acid soft capsule, conjugated linoleic acid, free linolenic acid oil and ethyl linolenate Product is the first enterprise approved by the Ministry of health to produce functional health food of linolenic acid capsule (approval culture: Wei [2000] No. 0259). In October 2002, it obtained the designated production unit of linolenic acid standard in national key laboratory. In 2015, linolenic acid project obtained the major structural adjustment project of National Development and Reform Commission. Linolenic acid oil won the gold medal of national agricultural products exposition for seven consecutive years Awards. With mature technology, solid accumulation and excellent product quality, Yuanhua group has become the first FDA registered unit in China, which not only implements the "healthy China dream", but also contributes to the future of the community of shared future for mankind.

Huatuo Culture Research Association


Since its establishment 19 years ago, Yuanhua group has always been committed to the research and development of biotechnology and production as a whole. It has a unique technology in the purification and processing of drug and food homologous plants, which can extract and condense the drug and food homologous plants to 500:1. It holds a number of national invention patents and obtains the national SF invention patent in fermentation. On the road of modern biopharmaceutical development, Yuanhua group has taken a series of specific steps: it has established a national disease prevention workstation focusing on prevention, established Huatuo Culture Research Institute in 2010, and was awarded a 5A level society by the civil affairs department; established Huatuo Chinese Medicine Research Institute in 2015, which is dedicated to digging and sorting out intangible cultural heritage and folk secret formula; established modernization of Henan Province Internet hospital decommissioning center; Huatuo Culture Research Association was established to gather domestic famous universities and national medical masters; Huatuo national medical hall TCM outpatient department was established in 2016, which was transformed into a class a hospital of Yuanhua TCM hospital in 2017; Xuchang Huatuo biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2018; Huatuo TCM College was established in October 2019. This series of measures are all based on the recruitment of professional R & D personnel to lay a solid foundation for industrial production, to train Chinese medicine talents with expertise for the country, and to contribute to the development of the national health strategy.


Anti epidemic Pioneer: making great efforts and undertaking the mission bravely
Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out that: Chinese medicine embodies profound philosophical wisdom and China's thousands of years of healthy concept and practical experience. It is a gem of ancient Chinese science and a key to opening up the Treasury of Chinese civilization. Based on the new historical period, how to make the excellent traditional culture full of vitality, serve the society and benefit the whole human being, Zhang Jianguo has made the following thinking: facing the future, the development of traditional Chinese medicine and cultural heritage should adhere to the integrity and innovation.
"Stick to the original thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, keep the authenticity, not reduce the manpower due to the complexity of processing, promote the quality improvement of traditional Chinese medicine and the high-quality development of the industry, so that the cause of traditional Chinese medicine can be handed down from generation to generation." only by sticking to the integrity, can we ensure that the heritage of national essence is not distorted. We must adhere to the principle of innovation in the process of innovation. If traditional Chinese medicine wants old trees to develop new branches, it must realize innovative development. In fact, the development history of traditional Chinese medicine is a history of innovation. From the establishment of TCM theoretical system in Huangdi Neijing to the emergence of plague in Ming and Qing Dynasties, from the rejuvenation of artemisinin in TCM classics to the combination of traditional Chinese medicine arsenic and Western medicine in the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia Innovation is always the fundamental driving force for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. "

EU certificate of Chinese Medicine


Today's Yuanhua group is not only an enterprise that takes the lead in the forefront of the times from R & D innovation to market development, but also a doer who practices the belief that "what we do doesn't last people's lives is more meaningful" from multiple dimensions.
With the initial intention of "protecting health and life", Yuanhua group takes the social responsibility of "prevention is more important than treatment, mining folk formula, recovering difficult and miscellaneous diseases and chronic diseases, using Huatuo and niumanjiang's odd, special and unique treatment methods to reach the focus and recover quickly", following the development of "making Huatuo Institute of traditional Chinese medicine establish Henan traditional Chinese medicine decoction center" Line, use the Internet to put the hospital's traditional Chinese medicine prescription into the customer's home within 72 hours, ensure the prescription quality and product quality in the whole process from production to decocting, and send decocting Decoction to thousands of households.
The novel coronavirus infection epidemic suddenly came at the turn of the new year. Zhang Jianguo, who holds the treasure of Chinese tradition and has been fighting for a long time in the front of life science, attaches great importance to it. Since the deployment meeting of epidemic prevention and control was held on January 26, 2020, the group has continuously promoted the work of fighting the epidemic in four stages.
At the beginning of novel coronavirus, under the leadership of Zhang Jianguo, the group held several meetings at the top of the group to take measures to prevent and control the epidemic of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus. Various measures were taken to train the departments according to the actual situation, and the Chinese medicine "Hua Tuo Lai" granule and decoction, which were available for 3500 people, were donated to the epidemic at the first time. First tier medical institutions include: Xiangzhou District People's Hospital of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, Xiangyang first people's Hospital, Jingmen Second People's Hospital, Wuhan Zhongyang traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Wuhan leishenshan hospital, outpatient department of South District of Zhuhai People's Hospital of Guangdong Province, First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, West Fanhai Road, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Xuchang Central Hospital, Xuchang disease control center And so on, so that patients can get timely treatment, most of which have recovered.


At the end of January 2020, Yuanhua group resolutely took action to fight the epidemic and donated drugs to Xuchang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Wei Zhongsheng (fifth from left), Secretary of the Party committee of the development zone and other leaders took a group photo with Zhang Jianguo (sixth from left), chairman of Yuanhua group, Zhang Kejia (third from right), general manager, etc


On January 28, under the double challenges of severe epidemic and cold weather, in order to more effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic and calm the panic of residents, Yuanhua group further promoted the work of fighting the epidemic. Zhang Jianguo personally led the team, led the expert team to work overtime to make detoxification soup, fever reducing soup, cough relieving soup, Qingfei soup, expectorant soup, Suanjiang soup, Xin'an Tongtang, etc., donated to the residents of Xuchang Development Zone and the warriors fighting in the front line of the epidemic, and sent the care to the masses. A novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR) was donated to 100 people by the Xuchang economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee in February 9th, and the Yuan Hua Hospital made the formula according to the National Health Committee.

In view of the epidemic situation, Yuanhua people concocted traditional Chinese medicine preparations to fight against the virus


Yuanhua group takes various measures to actively carry out anti epidemic activities


On February 15, Zhang Jianguo, who was deeply responsible for the project, as the inheritor of niumanjiang Life Science Research Center, submitted the Jianyi book to the relevant departments of the state. In the proposal, Zhang Jianguo issued a deep appeal: in the case that pharmacies and TCM clinics are not open, hospitals and medical workers risk their lives and bear the pressure of paying employees three times of their wages. It is suggested that the whole people use TCM Prevention to solve the epidemic problem, which can replace the measures of sealing cities, roads, villages and communities, so as to reduce the severity to the people and production enterprises Heavy losses.
Next, a delegation of metachemistry experts led by Zhang Jianguo submitted a report on the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions to the leaders of Henan drug administration to prevent viral pneumonia. In the report, the medical theory, clinical application and gratifying therapeutic effect of seven prescription drugs used for antiviral and immunity enhancement, including three preparations of "huatuolai", are described in detail, with a list of prescriptions and expert groups attached, expressing the strong determination and confidence to win the fight against the epidemic.
"If the heaven is healthy, the gentleman will never stop striving for self-improvement; if the terrain is earthy, the gentleman will carry things with great virtue." This sentence is not only written on the cultural wall of Yuanhua group, but also in Zhang Jianguo's mind. Zhang Jianguo knows that glory belongs to the past, beauty waits in the future, and only challenge belongs to the present. He shouldered the mission, full of passion, and joined hands with all Yuanhua people to keep innovation, and continued to stride forward on the road of achieving a dream of healthy China!


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